Media is in Complete Free-fall Among Illuminati Arrest Precursors.

In what was a direct hit this week to the horrible conglomerate of what we call The Media. Donald Trump and his Administration put to rest all of the fake news and rumours going on about the White House setup at CPAC last week. I could not have thought of a better way to independently address the voter and people. The most prominent has to be the Bannon and Priebus moment on the account of all of the hit pieces and false rumours circulating around the web about them. It just goes to show how much basis in reality these reports have. Everyone did an outstanding job.

As for the liberal left and their media; racism, supremacism, and fascism are just a few of the accusations still being thrown at anyone who opposes their ideal way of reality. What a sad bunch of hypocrites condemning anyone who doesn’t agree with the status quo. That is why your ratings are so abominable.The very society for which you all stand is nothing but a worthless pile of junk.

There is coming a time very soon where we must all stop consuming this toxic candy. The decrepit culture of western civilization will need to be renewed. Just take a look at the grimy fashion industry and the self-loathing music industry all wrought with the malodour of Satanism. I feel pity for those who have signed their soul away to the devil or have been born into this kind of circle or square and continue to allow the propagation of this kind of standard, thinking they have no power to change the stage. How can anyone expect to be inspired by this self consuming mentality.

But enough about the hypnotic state of affairs. Geopolitical moves are now in the process of coagulation. Subtle ripples on the surface are allowing a distortion in tension causing all of the bad bugs to drop. Just the other day Spain Set a Massive Precedent and Charged Its Central Bankers in Court. There also seems to be a large growing dissatisfaction with the way the budgets of the North Atlantic States are been handled. With the rise of the Brexiteers and the growing separatist movements all across the Eurozone. These types of arrests and “political doctrine” are a foreshadowing of what is to take place next. What did you really think that a supposed revival of the democratic party is going to help you? The people are becoming all too familiar with your false gifts of broken promises. All over the world we are expressing our disapproval of your trigger happy sebaceous mechanisms of which you call a system. You really thought you had all the power? Perhaps you should have taken some of our advice. Maybe then you would have figured out what it means to live.

I am outraged, OUTRAGED at the fact that Bergoglio can sit upon the high throne declaring to be the emissary of GOD. Yet continues to perpetuate a false doctrine and cover up the true faith of the Church. Lets put this schism to rest, too many people are killing each other over a difference in perspective. You cannot continue to espouse tolerance towards ritual blood letting practices and that is exactly what they are. Do not tell me that fundamental religion has nothing to do with terrorism because that is another falsehood. How can we expect to live in harmony when we are not akin to the true words of The Creator while The Jesuits and The Illuminati continue to conceal this doctrine. Bergoglio you are suppose to be a true emissary of peace, we have been lied to and it was your duty to tell us these things, NOT USE THEM AGAINST US.

With no concurrent help from the Vatican opposition groups in the Middle East on both sides are now more focused on reaching some kind of settlement. As this is starting to take shape high level representatives are being systematically taken down and killed most recently of these high level representatives is the passing of Vitaly Churkin. Russia has dedicated itself under Vladimir Putin to eradicate the philosophical order of the perfectibilists and their cult of isis the very antithesis to peace in the Middle East.

Do not think the media will cease to further the great divide. People like Tim Turner who own CNN think they will only thrive if they maintain mankind at a population of 500 million. Meaning you have about a seven percent chance of making the boat. His repugnant media pundits will continue defending child predators and psychopathy alike. How is Cuomo not fired is CNN seriously ready to go under? That definitely ruined it for the White House Correspondence Dinner. Is CNN going to be like the loner kid during school lunch at dinner and what is a correspondence dinner without The President? Comedians will have to come up with some great new material because these ratings are pure rubbish. Here is some advice it would be a great idea not to piss off the American people by being as suggestive as you have, you know in regards to The President and all. Hey if you don’t like it you can always leave. If you don’t have the means to leave well you can always ask The President he has already saved 12 billion dollars for the country and millions of jobs I’m sure you all can work out some kind of deal. Lol

You can see it in the face of common people there is a lingering optimism once thought lost among all of their curiosity. A real chance for them to finally be left alone from the bureaucrats and overburdening regulations to be given peace from all the other worldly “art forms” . We are being eclipse now by a time period in which we all have the opportunity to stand up, take action, and have a stupendous effect that will bring much light to many subjects. This opportunity will bring joy and good fortune into our lives with good high paying jobs that are properly placed in the global economy recovery, not to mention the untapped resources of the planet and its vaults and bunkers throughout the East. What secrets could they be hiding? One does not have to look very far to put all of the pieces together.





Q. I am in the USA so do I have to worry about the 1-800 numbers or the rates? Will it just show up in my bank account?


A. I am going to extrapolate on your question as I feel you were not entirely specific. But from what I can infer your question is in regards to the revaluation of global currency and assets. This issue has already been exposed before Iraqi Dinar RV on Hold when Neil Keenan receives the proper intel from Golden Dragon Family sources he will continue to keep us in the know like he always has. It will be wise for exchanges not take place until after the arrests have been made. Do not believe everything you hear on this. There are so many RV Dinar Intel Groups that are publishing false reports. I will not tell you to cash in or cash out but i will tell you that once The Global Collateral Accounts are properly implemented that the entirety of the global financial system will change and a real RV can then occur, this is what you all must learn to accept will happen. As for any updates in regards to rates and numbers you know where to find us.

Also I must direct any and all inquiries that you have on the treatments regarding The Healing Computer within The United States and throughout North America and Worldwide to contact the following email address:

Thank You.



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