Last Ditch Efforts to Maintain the Status Quo

In regards to the current situation, I would just like to say that working in congruent with Neil Keenan, Group K, and Trump has been the highest privilege. The attacks being perpetrated upon myself are having no force or effect. Proper measures have been taken which are causing major blowback on these attempts

There will be a much greater effect to the wide array of this transgression fairly shortly.

NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | What Goes Up Must Come Down

The time for stories is over I could not agree more with you Neil. For the past of all allotted time the proper dissemination of intelligence, outings, and vettings have garnered the support of the right people. Now it ought about the time we take-out the wrong.

For all of those who are continuing to impress what is wrong within all of the propaganda deserve excommunication nothing lesser. Until you can figure it out and get your own head straight. It’s time for you all to start connecting the dots on your own it will be mandatory as we head into a very bright future.

As long and short as I have been around I do see many changes taking place by the now real arbiters. To those public and private I say thank you for all you have sacrificed.  Credit is often not given where credit is due especially when it comes to the mass media. Then again the odds had been stacked extremely high against all of us. Right?

As much as I do enjoy keeping up on all that is publicly going on and reformatting it fit for an audience, it does have its sacrifices. That is not to say that I will stop fighting the good fight. At this point there is no reason to cut it short. My efforts will continue to be put toward The Alliance. I am willing to provide any and all of my ability to help further develop our future civilization. Although I cannot yet expect to continue The Weekly Report one hundred percent of the time but the contributions made to this effort will directly go to that kind of spirit.

Thank you and may you all be protected when we cross the threshold.

Be aware there are many things involved that are subject to The Change.

In what seems to be a direct response to this writer’s previous post Satanic Jesuit Jorge Mario Bergoglio has prominently encouraged the amnesty of pedophile priests within the VATICAN city-state. 

Let this be a message to all those who are involved with the church. All is not what it seems.The Jesuits are playing a very active roll to destroy all that has been held as sacred. There are big things coming to the church but I think it is within all of our best interests that the Jesuit New World Religion be stricken down. It is of a sacrilegious fervour that will have no place in this world or the next.

Bergoglio has clearly indicated which path he has chosen and does not respect the primal christian teachings. If we wish to expect anything new when it comes to this religious aspect then we must call for the impeachment of Satanic Jesuit Agent Jorge Mario Bergoglio and a purge of the Satanic Jesuit Cult within the church and state. We must take the necessary steps to see to it that we are part of a higher community.

The prospect that dissolving the pillars that hold up our system of structures as being the only way forward is inconclusive. New developments will utilize existing ones to bring about the transformation we wish to see. This has already been discussed by Neil Keenan. The offer has been made to The POTUS and the gold is there to get the ball rolling.

This type of progress alone will be a talking point for many many years to come. There has never been more optimism when it comes to America, and now that Donald Trump is President of the United States, Americans have never felt more proud of their country. All that stands in the way now is an ever diminishing number of people who are plotting to remove Donald Trump from Office.

We have also gotten word that the Superfriends are beginning to take decisive action at the helm in DC.

They are also ready to roll.

Satirically speaking.

This is nothing more than an obvious but failing damage control with all of the false accusations arising from their own self guilt. The book is now being thrown in the other direction. Expect a major story in the news very soon that will destroy the Democratic Elite in its entirety. The wiretaps are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the classified/top secret criminal wrongdoings of the previous administrations.

History is written by the victors, the good will always prevail, but the Superfriends they seem to be not good enough.

Accusations of Russian ties and influence in the elections turned out to be nothing more than contact protocol for the Trump Administration. When asked the same about their Russian connections it seemed to have struck a nerve for Pelosi and Schumer. The potential of leaking state secrets and illegal access of lines to procure some kind of beneficial tool for themselves needs to be thoroughly looked into, and I am sure the entire nation would agree.

We have never seen such a benign symbiotic relationship when it comes to The People and The President. If the cabal thinks that they can continue to obfuscate the awareness of the American People they are sadly mistaken.

After the most recent joint address to Congress by The President all sides of the political spectrum have come to the conclusion who The Commander in Chief really is. No doubt about it. Now all of the dissidents are coming faced with the fact that they have been struggling for all the wrong reasons. What they have so desperately been fighting has become their own common denominator. These protestors are not up for debate. We have seen nothing but violence and intimidation from them. Their movement is an unjustifiable paid for effort, hypocritical to say the least.

Of all the confirmations deliberately being withheld, Attorney General Senator Jeff Sessions has got to be one of the most important positions of all. There is a lot of red tape when it comes to the Department of Justice especially when it comes to the high profile trafficking conspirators. We now know them all too well. Once confirmed the crackdown can begin on all of the high profile pedophile networks and all the other cabal profit generators. That is why we are seeing such resistance to the positioning of AG do not let all of the double speak distract you.


The plans to completely wipe out the cult of isis are now being carefully reviewed at the Pentagon and NATO and Russia are finally starting to find a common dialogue.

The mainstream media would have you think otherwise of a pending peaceful transition and that is one of the main problems we all still face.

WARNING: In light of the recent escalations there may be in the works an imminent attack upon us. It is advised to all readers and those involved to be on an ALERT STATUS it is not yet over. Do not think we are far from winning we have our eyes in the sky.


Q: What are your thoughts on Robert David Steele? Is he an attention starved egotistical CIA insider trying to join the Trump inner circle to no avail or am I just severely paranoid of this guy?

A: “gurgling” Well Steele may have some good ideas when it comes to reform, well read, but when it comes to the reality of the field he is finding himself amongst the double crossers. This is part of the continuing problem, we have agents of controlled opposition within the alternative media and community. These players proclaim they are Christian yet they have never atoned for the disfunction they have caused in the truther community in the proper manner and they never will, they have sold out. I mean where could we be with a Ron Paul presidency from 2012, how much farther could we have gotten if Milton William Cooper was still alive today, or if enough people had shown up to Harney County, Oregon to stop government overreach dead in its tracks. God forbid republicans let Rand Paul even near the revised health care bill. These questions are self explanatory.

It will all be revealed soon enough.



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